News: Buster presents spacious new XL and XXL models for angling


Buster presents spacious new XL and XXL models for angling

New fishing boat Buster XL front casting deck

Buster is expanding its range of fishing models to include its large six-metre aluminium boats. Buster will offer a factory-fitted fishing accessories package on 2020 model year Buster XL and Buster XXL boats. The removable fishing accessories package includes rod boxes, casting decks at the bow and stern, and a side mount for a bow engine. 

“Our latest XL and XXL models have spacious hulls that make them suitable for a wide range of uses. The fishing accessories package includes all the equipment customers need to tailor their boats for fishing according to their own individual preferences. At the same time, the fishing accessories package does not compromise the boat’s use for family boating or commuting,” says Buster Marketing Manager Johan Finnberg.

The new fishing accessories package has been designed especially for Buster’s newest aluminium boat models: the 6.05-metre Buster XL (80-115 hp) and the 6.25-metre Buster XXL (115-150 hp).

“As angling boats, Buster’s new models are as stable as piers and roomy enough for up to five people to cast at a time,” says Jani Ollikainen, a fishing guide with the Yamaha Pro Fishing Team who works in the Turku archipelago. 

“I have tested many of the innovations included in the fishing accessories package on my own Buster XL prototype boat over the past four years. In addition to 4000 hours of fishing on the water, the boat has also been transported 60,000 kilometres on a trailer without the slightest problem, so I am confident that the new models will serve as strong and reliable workhorses for our tough Nordic conditions,” adds Kristian Keskitalo, one of the best-known fishing ambassadors and anglers in Sweden.

The Buster XL and XXL are stable open boats whose standard features include a maintenance-free aluminium floor, stainless steel fittings, hydraulic steering and a 10” Buster Q smart display with electronic maps. The Buster Q smart display is also available with the Fishfinder developed in collaboration with Raymarine, which utilises high-precision CHIRP sonar to display photo-like imagery of the bottom structure and the target fish.

Option of lightweight or heavy-duty casting decks

The bow of the Buster XL and XXL can be transformed into the perfect workstation for angling by fitting rod boxes on either side of the bow and a casting deck in the middle.

For occasional fishing trips, the bow can be used as a convenient casting deck by using the optional sundeck. The side rod boxes and the two-part deck that fits between them are integrated with the bow seat to form a 1.2-metre-long casting deck with ample stowage space underneath.

For active recreational and professional anglers, there is the option of a long central rod box that stretches back between the consoles all the way to the driver’s and map reader’s seats. Inside there is enough space to store seven 8-foot (approx. 2.4-metre) rods. With the bigger rod box also comes a different lower door between the consoles, as well as different doors for the stowage space.

Second casting deck at the stern

The aft sofa and swim platforms form another casting deck at the stern by replacing the sofa’s backrest with a flat deck hatch. The aft casting deck is 1.2 metres long and with 1.6 metres wide stowage space underneath.

An even longer 1.6-metre casting deck is created by covering the aft sofa with a slip-resistant aluminium lid. The lid can also be lifted vertically to use as a backrest when the casting deck is not being used, providing comfortable seating for up to four persons while also effectively muffling engine noise. Thanks to the folding backrest, the boat is also easy to convert from a family boat to a fishing boat and back again for outings and commutes.

Practical options: bow engine mount, lure box racks, livewell and watersports bracket

A side mount for a bow engine can be fitted to the left side of the bow, taking the space of the cleat, which moves to a convenient place on the outer side of the engine. The bow engine mount is also designed to enable the use of bow railings.

There is space in front of the consoles for either fender racks or lure box racks. This eliminates the need to open hatches to access stowage space when fishing, as all lures can be kept conveniently within reach. 

The lure box racks come together with a long rod box, but they can also be purchased separately. The racks are designed so they can be fitted to many places within the boat.

A 22-litre aerated livewell can be fitted below the aft sofa. The same livewell also fits beneath the bow casting deck on Buster S and Buster M models.

The optional watersports bracket can also be used for support when fishing from the casting deck or for attaching rod tubes, for example.