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Buster Fishing Boats

Buster boats have always been popular among anglers. Our high-quality and durable aluminium boats are an easy choice for fishing enthusiasts who want to be out on the water in all weather conditions, regardless of the season or location. In addition to high-quality structures and rails, weather- and abrasion-resistant surfaces and numerous accessories suitable for fishing are important features for the fisherman.

Buster Modular Angling Gear Set

Buster S and Buster M

Casting deck and casting seat
Long rod box (Buster S, single-console Buster M1)
Bow motor bracket
Side railings
Mounting bracket for transducers

Twin-console Buster M2 models come standard with a short rod box in front of the left console

Buster XL and Buster XXL

Casting deck between the bow rod boxes
Extended casting deck/rod box between the consoles
Folding rear bench/casting deck
Canopy stowage cover
Bow motor bracket
Mounting bracket for transducers

The fishing package can be retrofitted to all 2018 Buster M models and all 2017 or newer Buster S models. The fishing package for Buster XL and XXL models is available for new boats from 2020 onwards. The individual components of the fishing package can also be purchased separately, and they can be easily removed from the boat to suit different purposes. Total weight of the fishing package (not including livewell): Buster S/M approx. 50 kg, Buster XL/XXL approx. 70 kg. 

Selecting and equipping your angling boat

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