Buster App

Buster in your pocket

Your Buster Boat Always in Your Pocket

The Buster App keeps vital boat information and your personal virtual logbook handily available, always and anywhere. By pairing your app with your Buster Q unit you are better prepared for upcoming boating activities, since you can check the location, fuel level and battery status of your Buster boat.

Share Your On-Water Experiences with Friends

Buster Q shares your trips with the mobile app. After a sundrenched day on the water, you can revisit your route, share it with friends and explore trip data since Buster Q transmits all this to your app. You can also add photos you have taken and share them on social media - directly through the app.

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Easy. Stylish. Progressive.

Like Buster Q, the Buster app enhances your boating experience - intuitively and simply. This user-friendly and smart app brings a new dimension to boating. All your boating related data and experiences stay with you at all times, and you can enjoy your marine lifestyle daily; at home, at work or on the water.


Your Ever-Present Boating Tutorial

With the built-in video tutorials and instructions, you can familiarize yourself with the features of your boat and how to properly use it. The Buster app includes useful tips in boat handling, maintenance and winter storage. The app also allows you to dry practice mariners knots, boat handling in port and trailering while at home. The app also includes intuitive and easy to understand instructions for using Buster Q as well as the owner's manuals for boat and engine alike.

Manage Buster Q's internet subscription

The app offers an easy way to purchase and manage the internet subscription of Buster Q.