Ownership: Optional accessory packages

Optional accessory packages

With Buster’s factory-installed optional equipment packages, you can have your new Buster equipped with the desired accessory right away.


It is also more economical to order equipment in packages, as opposed to buying and installing each piece of kit separately. The components of the equipment packages are Buster guaranteed in terms of quality and usability, and when factory installd by professionals you get the optimal end result. Factory installation guarantees the functionality, usability and safety of the boat and its equipment from day one.


Includes cushion set and aft canvas top (M1 and L1 only the cushion set)

The Comfort package includes model-specific seat and backrest cushions. The Comfort Edition package includes all upholstery and back rests for the boat.


Includes cushions + aft canvas top + other accessories depending on the model

The Premium Edition package includes a model-specific canvas, adjustable according to weather conditions for most Buster models. A protective cover or a separate canvas garage is provided for storage of the canvas top. 


The Entertainment package unlocks the fun factor in Buster Q.


The SONAR package gives your Buster Q sounder capabilities. You can follow the depth, as well as see the depth curve and return to given depths on the chart.


The new Buster Q Fishfinder combines the new Buster Q smart display and Raymarine's premium CP100 sonar module. FIshfinder harnesses dual-channel CHIRP transducers which generates photo-like sonar images of the bottom and the fish down to a depth of 270 metres.


The AIS package adds AIS functionality to Buster Q. The AIS receiver shows all vessels with sending AIS on your chart view.


Colours and surface treatments

The standard surface material in the hull is unpainted marine-grade aluminium. If desired and ordered, one can have the hull of the boat painted with colour or its bottom handled with antifouling treatment at the factory.The antifouling treatment is at best suitable for the marine areas where small creatures and aquatic plants easily stick to the bottom of the boat. Residue stuck to the bottom will increase the boat’s fuel consumption and decrease its speed.The hull painting and antifouling treatment can also be ordered at the same time.

The default colour of the accent panel of the boat varies by model. A wide selection colours are available at the factory in addition to the default colour.  Optional colours are available from the model L upwards excluding Cabin. Please check the availibility of the colours for your chosen Buster model from the authorized Buster Dealer before ordering.  If desired one can have hull painted with the same colour as the accent panel or with simple greyish colour.

The available Buster colour options are:

Dark Blue Satin Metallic

Grey Blue Satin Metallic

Black Satin Metallic

Black Satin

White Pearl Satin

Gloss Black Rose (Phantom)