Terms of use

Delivery and service charges will be added to the price. The engine is not included in the boat price. 

The contents of equipment packages and their availability may vary depending on country. Please check availability and content at your local dealer.  

Buster reserves the right to change model, colour, trim, equipment and pricing without prior notice. Standard equipment may vary slightly from country to country. Brochures and web images display options and accessories that are not standard equipment. Performance data is indicative only. Ensure delivery contents from your local dealer. 

Colours are reproduced as accurately as possible due to restrictions in printing technology. 

The speeds shown above are indicative and have been reached under testing circumstances. In reality, speed - especially top speed, varies heavily. Wave state, wind, propeller choice, engine installation height, trim angle, trim tabs, cleanness of bottom, amount of fuel and load state all affect boat speed. Thus, the performance data given is not to be treated as a speed guarantee.

Buster Q contains a free data plan for a limited period. After the limited period expires, the Buster Q data package can be purchased through the Buster App. The data plan is available only in certain countries. Ensure if the data plan is included in your country from your local dealer.