How to select the right aluminium boat for you

Selecting the right aluminium boat begins by defining your needs. Do you have a mooring place for the boat, or will you have to bring it ashore each time? Will you use your boat recreationally for outings and fishing, or will be it your only means of getting people and supplies out to your summer cottage or island? What kinds of distances will you be covering, and will any of it be on open water with potentially big waves and high winds? How many people will you be carrying?

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Buster S is three boats on the same hull

The open version is driven from the aft seat and is ideally suited for those looking for a simple, safe allrounder with lots of cargo space. If you value the protection and steering wheel provided by a console, you can select a side console or centre console version. The Scc centre console version maximises available deck space, while the S1 side console version provides room for more passengers.

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Spacious Buster L1

The single console version of the Buster L is ideal for fishing and transporting anything and everything conceivable thanks to its ample floor space. The Buster L1 comes with a convenient removable fuel tank that is easy to lift out of the boat and fill up at a gas station in case you do not have access to a waterfront filling station.

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Finland’s most popular: Buster M

The Buster M is the most popular motorboat in Finland – no doubt because it is so ideally suited for accessing cottages and islands, as well as for fishing and outings. The M1 side console version is a simple, uncluttered allrounder whose open deck arrangement makes it equally well suited for commuting, transporting gear and fishing. The more extensively equipped M2 twin console version comes with the Buster Q smart display as standard, making it ideal for summer outings and fishing, as well as for commuting to cottages and islands.

Luksusluokan yhteysvene saaristomökille Buster Phantom Cabin


The Buster Phantom Cabin is our biggest cabin boat ever, bringing a dash of rough functionality to luxury commuting. An exceptionally seaworthy hull gives a silky smooth ride, and sturdy yet silent structures make the Phantom Cabin the ideal commuting boat for longer journeys across large lakes, through archipelagos and along coasts.


The Buster Cabin E is designed for those who cover long distances, spending longer times onboard than the typical cottage commute requires. The boat is quiet and can be specified with a heater and deck lighting, making it suitable for colder and darker conditions in autumn, for example. The glass roof and large roof hatch combined with LED lighting turn every commute into an enjoyable cruise.

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