Perfection in utility

Our design has always been guided by uncompromising goals regarding ruggedness, everyday practicality and seaworthiness. These values, combined with generations of industrial, hand crafted traditions have created a quality level that already carries a legacy of its own: Buster.

BusterQ screen

Not just a chartplotter. A completely new user experience.

We have developed a seamlessly integrated user experience for your model year 2017 Buster boat. Inspired by the automotive and handheld smartdevice industries, we have taken all key functions and integrated them into one huge touchscreen. At the same time, we enhanced entertainment, safety and training related functionality, bringing it into the realm of the same, intuitive user experience. 

BusterQ screen


Imagine being able to share your favourite music with friends and family while enjoying a day off on the water. Use your favourite mobile apps for wireless playback. Enjoy hassle-free access to FM and DAB radio when you need it. With advanced Wireless features, it´s power efficient too, so you can enjoy your personal music from your smartphone all day long.

BusterQ screen

WiFi and 3.5G

Always stay on top of the weather in your area, and unlock new chart areas over the air should you need to venture further. Share your powerful 3.5G connection over the built in WiFi hotspot. Functionality is updated on the fly as we continue to develop new features.


All boat and engine related user manuals can be found on your Buster Q unit. In addition, tutorial videos with subtitles and captions are available on a variety of subjects ranging from boathandling to mariners knots, performance improvements to basic safety procedures. We take safety from the classroom to the real, marine environment.


Marine aluminium is light but stiff, it tolerates impact, scratches and abrasion without structural deformation. It does not burn, crack, nor does it suffer from moisture penetration. Marine aluminium tolerates extreme temperatures and weather well, so the boating season can be extended from early spring until late autumn.


The innovative hull solutions, first class materials and continuous on-water testing guarantee safe handling, good performance and product longevity. Our solutions for stiffening the hull make the boat durable and guarantees stable driving characteristics, while keeping the boat light. Our over dimensioned transoms enable large engines, and our carefully designed underwater bodies give consistent and pleasant handling even in adverse weather conditions. Extensive soundproofing guarantees best in class comfort regarding noise levels. Our design department uses modern 3D tools, and in structural engineering we use FEM analysis to simulate real life scenarios. When you add significant amounts of test driving and prototyping, the resulting boat models become legends in their own right.



Being at the forefront is not only about technology and performance. It also involves responsibility for the environment. We aim to minimize the negative impact of our production in our material choices. More than 90% of the aluminum in our boats is recyclable. The components of a finished boat can be recycled up to 90%, because aluminium and plastic parts can be recycled and wooden/plywood parts can be burned. The ecological aluminium used for hull and stringers can be recycled indefinitely. We transport all appropriate scrap material to a recycling plant.

In our structural design we focus on optimally shaped underwater bodies and a low total displacement. This leads to two benefits; good overall fuel economy with a smaller engine, and also lower fuel consumption while trailing the boat behind a car.


A Buster does not need a lot of elbow grease for maintenance. Use Buster Boat Care products for best results. The need for antifouling treatment varies locally; check with your local Buster dealer for suitable bottom treatment options. In demanding offshore locations, occasional mechanical cleaning may be needed when AluSafe antifouling is used. However, with a Buster you can run the boat ashore even on a cliff or pebblestones. You can load the boat with luggage or even construction materials without having to be worried about dirt or dents and dings.

Due to different interior layouts and factory installed equipment options a Buster is well suited for daytrips, cruising, fishing, water sports and other hobbies. A Buster also serves as a workhorse for light professional use and heavy commuting.

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Buster Boats is the largest and industry leading Northern European designer and manufacturer of aluminium powerboats. Step into the world of Buster boats and create your own adventure.