News: New Buster models 2020: Sporty Buster XXL


New Buster models 2020: Sporty Buster XXL

Sporty new Buster XXL 2020 aluminium powerboat cockpit

The Buster XXL has always represented sporty speedboats in our product range. The new Buster XXL is a well-equipped open boat for eight persons that can reach a maximum speed of 43 knots with the largest 150-horsepower engine. The new XXL offers excellent performance, and the stable and precise driving feel gives the impression of a much larger boat

All the cabin details have been carefully thought out. The centrepiece is the 10” Buster Q smart display that provides all the information the driver needs, from clear engine dials to electronic maps. Thanks to the excellent ergonomics – including the sturdy, adjustable offshore seats, footrests and cushioned armrest – allow the driver to focus fully on operating the boat in even the toughest conditions.

Significantly improved maximum load

The Buster XXL has been in the model range of the aluminium boat manufacturer since 2000, and the 2020 XXL represents the sixth model generation already. The biggest differences compared to the previous generation can be found in the interior and maximum load. The seating capacity has been increased to eight persons and the maximum load to 795 kilos, which is an impressive 240 kilos more than the previous generation. Passengers can enjoy a luxurious U-sofa, and there is considerably more space inside thanks to the 30-centimetre wider waterline.

The recommended engine power range for the Buster XXL is 115 to 150 horsepower. Despite its sporty appeal, the new XXL is also an economical cruising boat. The ideal cruising speed is 19 to 29 knots, when fuel consumption with the Yamaha F150DETX engine is just 0.8 litres/nautical mile. At maximum speed, fuel consumption is just 1.3 litres/nautical mile.

The swim platforms on the new model extend evenly on both sides of the engine, making it safe for access and fishing. There is also good storage for bags and clothing inside the consoles, which remain dry in all conditions thanks to new bottom trays.

Impressive standard equipment

Standard equipment on the new Buster XLL includes a maintenance-free aluminium floor, stainless steel fittings, hydraulic steering, windshield wipers, a seat rodbox in the left bow seat, trim tabs and a 10” Buster Q smart display with electronic maps. All Buster XL boats are sold with Yamaha outboard engines with a Yamaha Y-COP immobilizer for enhanced security. 

Optional equipment includes a fridge, a table, a canopy, a seat rodbox in the right seat, a harbour cover, a cushion set and a watersports bracket. Fishing enthusiasts will appreciate the top-quality Raymarine fishfinder and modular fishing set, which transforms the XXL into a spacious and specialised lure fishing boat. The removable fishing set includes rodboxes, a fishing platform and a front engine mounting.

Buster XXL 2020 aluminium boat

  • Length overall 6.25 m
  • Width 2.20 m
  • Weight 840 kg (without engine)
  • Max load 795 kg
  • Seating capacity 8
  • Engine power range 115–150 hp
  • Fuel tank volume 160 l
  • Engine rig length X
  • Maximum speed 43 knots