News: New Buster models: Stylishly Scandinavian Buster XL and Buster XXL


New Buster models: Stylishly Scandinavian Buster XL and Buster XXL

New 2020 Buster XXL and Buster XL aluminium powerboats

Aluminium powerboat manufacturer Buster is fully updating its large open boat models for the 2020 season. The minimalist Scandinavian design of its biggest boats, the Phantom and Magnum models, has been carried over to its popular six-metre Buster XL and Buster XXL models

The history of the Buster XL stretches back to 1992, and after almost 30 years in production the fifth model generation is being introduced. In keeping with the traditions of the XL, the design of the new model has been based on practicality, economy and safety.

The hull of the 2020 Buster XL has been totally redesigned, and the new model is 70 centimetres longer than the earliest model. The interior is significantly more spacious than before, which can be seen especially in the improved legroom for the aft sofa. Thanks to a waterline that is 30 centimetres wider than before, the floorspace is also considerably larger.

The Buster XL is designed for seven persons, and the suitable engine power range is 80 to 115 horsepower. Thanks to the efficient hull design, fuel consumption is kept down to just 0.7 litres/nautical mile at a comfortable cruising speed of 19 to 23 knots, even with the biggest engine.

The Buster XXL has always represented sporty speedboats in our product range. The new Buster XXL is a well-equipped open boat for eight persons that can reach a maximum speed of 43 knots with the largest 150-horsepower engine. The new XXL offers excellent performance, and the stable and precise driving feel gives the impression of a much larger boat. 

The Buster XXL has been in the model range of the aluminium powerboat manufacturer since 2000, and the 2020 XXL represents the sixth model generation already. The biggest differences compared to the previous generation can be found in the interior and maximum load. The seating capacity has been increased to eight persons and the maximum load to 795 kilos, which is an impressive 240 kilos more than the previous generation. Passengers can enjoy a luxurious U-sofa, and there is considerably more space inside thanks to the 30-centimetre wider waterline.

The recommended engine power range for the Buster XXL is 115 to 150 horsepower. Despite its sporty appeal, the new XXL is also an economical cruising boat. The ideal cruising speed is 19 to 29 knots, when fuel consumption with the Yamaha F150DETX engine is just 0.8 litres/nautical mile. At maximum speed, fuel consumption is just 1.3 litres/nautical mile.