News: Buster SuperMagnum now available with new layout featuring four offshore seats


Buster SuperMagnum now available with new layout featuring four offshore seats

Buster SuperMagnum with 4 offshore seat layout

U sofa or separate seats with suspension? Buster’s largest Magnum model can now be had with either four offshore seats or a U sofa.

The Buster SuperMagnum’s new Performance package includes four offshore seats equipped with premium shock mitigation seat bases by Scandinavian Seat Suspension Systems. Behind the offshore seats there is still room for a straight rear sofa that can seat three passengers comfortably. Specifying the cabin with four separate offshore seats is a good choice for boats used for commuting in open water where big waves can form.

The standard cabin on the Buster SuperMagnum features a spacious U sofa at the rear and two offshore seats.

Scandinavian Seat Suspension Systems -joustojalat
Offshore seats with shock mitigation bases by Scandinavian Seat Suspension Systems significantly reduce the shock from waves.

The four offshore seats with suspension provide enhanced comfort for passengers in rough conditions. The shock mitigation bases significantly reduce the shock from waves on the spine, neck and knees. The amount of seat suspension can be adjusted according to the weight of the passenger from 50 to 130 kg.

Buster SuperMagnum u-sohva vakiokokoonpano
The SuperMagnum comes standard with a rear U sofa. With the optional four offshore seats, the rear sofa is straight.

The new Buster SuperMagnum on is a 7.4-metre open boat with a seating capacity of 10 and powered by a Yamaha F300 V6 outboard. The boat can handle even the most demanding conditions and transportation needs with its impressive load capacity of 1101 kg.

Standard equipment on the SuperMagnum includes hydraulic steering, a tilt steering wheel, a watersports bracket, trim tabs and two offshore seats with shock mitigation bases. Comfort Edition adds a cushion set and aft canvas, while Premium Edition adds the Q+ package, cushion set, aft canvas, Fishfinder, bow thruster, twin battery system, refrigerator and a rack for fenders. Additional factory options include a bow thruster, anchor winch and heater.