Ownership: Transporting your aluminium boat

Transporting your aluminium boat

Maintenance & Care

Transporting your boat on a trailer

Use only trailers with sufficient capacity to transport the combined weight of the boat, motor, battery, fuel and any other loads on board. Check also the maximum pulling capacity of the vehicle you are using to pull the trailer.

The correct longitudinal position of the boat on the trailer depends on the length of the boat and its weight distribution. Adjust the trailer’s bow support longitudinally to minimise the tow hitch pressure. A good rule of thumb is that the hitch should be light enough to lift with one hand.

Pull the boat onto the trailer using the eye on the boat’s stem only. Other mooring points are not designed to withstand the boat's weight during lifting.

Do not leave the boat fastened to the trailer by the bow eye only. Instead, secure the bow with a fastening line. Fasten the stern on both sides using short fastening lines to prevent the boat from rolling during transportation. Make sure that the fastening lines prevent the boat from moving forwards and backwards, as well as side to side. You can protect the sides of your boat by inserting pads between the boat and the fastening lines where necessary.