News: A handy remote controller available for the Buster Q smart display


A handy remote controller available for the Buster Q smart display

Buster Q remote control

The Buster Q smart display, the ground-breaking piece of standard equipment in Buster boats, was complemented with a remote controller at the beginning of the boating season. The mechanical remote controller, available as an optional accessory, can be docked to the steering wheel or surface-mounted next to a Yamaha outboard’s remote control device, for example. 

The remote controller brings entirely new features to the smart display, including a quick-to-use “glance forward” function. When pushing and holding down a button, the chart screen view zooms out to display an overview, and when the button is released, the chart screen view again zooms in on the boat. 

“The remote controller also fulfils the wishes of those boaters who like to use the Infotainment system with mechanical buttons instead of a touchscreen,” says Anders Kurtén, Director of Product Development for Buster. 

The remote controller has six buttons, and their functions change according to the function selected on the Buster Q display. The controller can be used for toggling between different display functions and for controlling the navigator and the sound system as well as the trolling speed of Yamaha outboards. Using the remote controller is simple and intuitive, as soft keys styled according to the controller’s buttons can be found at the bottom of the touchscreen sidebar, and these keys respond visibly to push-button commands from the controller.  

The remote controller connects to the Buster Q smart display automatically via a Bluetooth connection. It is powered with batteries that last many years even in active use. 

Buster Q comes as standard in all larger Buster boats, starting from the five-metre Buster M built of aluminium. Buster Q’s integrated trolling speed control is compatible with the Yamaha outboards in the range F25–F115.

The remote controller is functional with all Buster Q devices following the automatic software update in spring 2017. The update also featured other changes to the interface improving its usability, engineered on the basis of customer feedback. Furthermore, the update included the functions required by the Buster Q Fishfinder such as the various alternatives for dividing the screen into chart and fish sonar sections.