News: The legendary Buster models got their own name jerkbaits


The legendary Buster models got their own name jerkbaits

Buster Jerk jerkbaits

Two new versions of the legendary Buster Jerk pike lure are now available: Buster RS and Buster Magnum jerks named and colored after well-known Nordic aluminum boat classics.

The man behind the Buster Jerk fishing lures is Buster's Swedish sales manager Torbjörn "Buster" Oden, who got his nickname after the boat brand he preferred as a young fisherman. The jerkbait became famous from the Swedish movie Gäddfeber (Pike Fever) made in 2004, where Buster Oden and Stefan "Trumman" Trumstedt caught 22 pike over ten kilos and a total of more than 150 fish in two days with the Buster Jerk.

"Buster Jerk is a so-called manual lure, which means that the swimming movement is achieved by changing the swimming speed and jerking downwards with the tip of the rod. Buster Jerk also has its own swimming movement, so the lure attracts pike even when reeling in smoothly. It is certainly the jerkbait that has produced the most pike in the world," says fishing guide Jani Ollikainen.

Ollikainen recommends trying the orange RS as an irritating color in darker waters, while Magnum, which imitates dark gray herring or roach, is suitable for brighter waters.

Buster Jerk special models are available from all Buster dealers.