News: Buster's spring 2024 starts in Düsseldorf


Buster's spring 2024 starts in Düsseldorf

boot Düsseldorf 2024: Buster Magnum Cabin aluminium cabin boat

Buster aluminium boats will be presented at the boot 2024 boat show in Germany, which opens the spring season of the boating world. On display is an interesting selection from the luxurious all-weather Magnum Cabin to the small and handy Buster XSr.

Boot 2024, one of the world's largest boating and water sports events, will open at the Düsseldorf exhibition centre on Saturday, January 20, and the exhibition will continue until January 28. This year there are 1,500 exhibitors in 16 halls. The boot Düsseldorf is organised for the 55th time.

Buster aluminium boats can be found at the boot 2024 in hall 4, stand B20.

boot Düsseldorf 2024 boat show map - Buster aluminium boats

Buster-models range at the boot 2024

Buster Magnum Cabin 

Buster Magnum Cabin is a stylish, comfortable and easy to handle boat for all weather conditions that is designed for eight persons. Large panoramic windows and unobstructed 360-degree visibility give the interior the feel of being in an open boat except with all the comforts of a cabin.

Buster SuperMagnum 

Buster SuperMagnum - boot Düsseldorf 2024 aluminium powerboats

With an overall length of more than seven metres, SuperMagnum provides an impressive and safe feel of a large boat. The design of the hull has been perfected to provide fun, consistent and safe handling characteristics in even the toughest conditions. SuperMagnum is just as well suited for use as a commuter boat in the archipelago as it is for sporty cruising along open coasts. The SuperMagnum at the boot Düsseldorf is the Performance Model with four offshore seats equipped with premium shock mitigation seat bases by Scandinavian Seat Suspension Systems

Buster XXL Fishing Edition

Buster XXL Fishing Edition

The Buster XXL has always represented sporty speedboats in our product range. The new Buster XXL is a well-equipped open boat for eight persons that can reach a maximum speed of 43 knots with the largest 150-horsepower engine. The new XXL offers excellent performance, and the stable and precise driving feel gives the impression of a much larger boat. With the Buster’s own fishing accessories package the Buster XXL has been transformed into the perfect workstation for angling. The fishing accessories package includes rod boxes, casting decks at the bow and stern, and a side mount for a bow engine.

Buster M

Buster M1 - boot Düsseldorf 2024 aluminium boats

Buster M is available in two configurations; side console and twin console. The side console version Buster M1 is a simple, uncluttered all-round boat – due to it´s open deck arrangement it is equally well suited for commuting, transporting gear and fishing.

Buster XSr 

Buster aluminium boats at the boot 2023 Düsseldorf: Buster XSr with Yamaha F20 GEPL

Buster XSr is a small console boat that entertains the entire family!  It is easy to handle and has predictable driving characteristics, which makes it a trustworthy and safe choice even for the younger members of the family. The wide waterline makes Buster XSr an extremely stable boat in its own weight and size category. The console is sturdy and the windscreen provides good protection.

boot Düsseldorf 2024

  • 20-28 January 2024 
  • Opening hours for visitors 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. daily
  • Arrival  
  • Buster aluminium powerboats: Hall 4 / B20

Map: Hall 4 booth B20 boot Düsseldorf