News: Truly classic: Buster Magnum 30 years


Truly classic: Buster Magnum 30 years

Buster Magnum 6th generation

During its 30-year history, the Buster Magnum has earned its place in the Nordic countries as the most successful and most popular open boat of all time in the large boats’ size class. The latest model took the Magnum family into its fourth generation. 

The new Magnum, more than 7 metres in length, is notably larger than their older sister models. From the previous generation the hull length has been increased by 30 cm and inside width by 20 cm. Compared to the oldest model version, the difference is even much larger. The first-generation Magnum, a good 6 metres long, was a large open boat in its time, 30 years ago, and its engine rating of 150 hp represented a robust power class among sea-going open boats. 

The present fourth generation Buster Magnum is an open boat that is 7.2 metres long and designed for eight persons. The maximum engine rating is the Yamaha F225. The sleek, good-looking 4.2 liter V6 represents the pinnacle of Yamaha's latest-generation marine technology with 24-valve DOHC and Electronic Fuel Injection.

Altogether more than 5,000 Buster Magnums of earlier generations have been sold. This seaworthy high-performance model is especially popular on the Atlantic coasts of Norway and Sweden where the challenges faced by boats are particularly demanding.

So far the most extensive revamping of Buster Magnums was seen at the beginning of the 2000s, when the Magnum’s highest power rating was increased to 225 hp and its hull was lengthened close to seven metres. The next step was the 2013 launch of the SuperMagnum, the first Buster boat designed to be powered by the Yamaha F300 outboard.

What all Buster Magnum models have in common is excellent manoeuvrability, good stability even at high speeds and safe and predictable handling characteristics.