News: Small and sporty: Buster Mini Sport


Small and sporty: Buster Mini Sport

Buster Mini Sport

The small and sporty Buster Mini Sport is a new, redesigned version of the Buster Mini, the smallest boat in the Buster range. The steering console and the larger engine rating make the nifty Buster Mini well-suited for short-distance travel or younger boaters’ first console boat.

While the regular Buster Mini is designed for a power range of 2–8 hp and also works excellently with an electric outboard motor, the Mini Sport has been certified for the Yamaha F9.9 engine that generates impressive torque and powers the small craft into running speeds of well over 20 knots.

The completely aluminium-built boat is buoyant and safe. The patented easy-to-use EasyBail drainage system adds to user comfort. The steering console features ample mounting space for a chart plotter and/or fish sonar where necessary. A windshield is available for the steering console as an optional accessory.

As the Mini Sport only weighs slightly over 160 kg including the engine, you will find it an easy one to handle both on shore and on the boat trailer. Thanks to its rigid and tough aluminium construction, the Mini Sport is a durable boat despite its small weight and almost maintenance-free. For autumn maintenance, the hull only needs to be washed with water. The Yamaha F9.9 engine can be lifted off the transom single-handedly, and with the engine removed, the Mini Sport can be lifted out of the water for winterisation by two adults.

The Buster Mini Sport has a length of 3.88 metres and a beam of 1.49 metres.

The Buster Mini Sport 2018 will be available at the dealers beginning from autumn 2017.