News: The new Buster S – a complete overhaul for the all-purpose boat for summer cottages


The new Buster S – a complete overhaul for the all-purpose boat for summer cottages

Buster has completely revamped its second smallest model, the all-purpose boat Buster S. One of the notable features of the small four-seater is rainwater draining, which boaters are sure to find useful after the first rainy summer week.

CE-certified for four people, the fully aluminium-structured Buster was designed to serve as an all-purpose boat for summer cottage use, transport of passengers and cargo, excursions and fishing.

The Buster S weighs only 260 kg and can be easily transported on a brakeless trailer towed by a normal passenger car. If you choose a 20 hp motor, you do not need to register the boat (in Finland).

The Buster S has been completely redesigned to further improve its handling and performance. The sleek and modern hull shape distinguishes the new Buster S from other small cruisers.

“The Buster S is intended to serve as an all-purpose short-distance boat for summer cottages, but the improved choppy water properties ensure that it feels safe and sturdy even in stronger winds. A notable additional feature of the new hull is the faster planing, especially under load”, Buster’s Product Development Director Anders Kurtén explains.

Three models for different purposes

Three versions of the Buster S are available: the basic S model which is driven from the rear seat, the S1 model with a side console and the Scc model with a centre console.

According to Anders Kurtén, the rear-seat-driven S model is particularly well suited to boaters who are looking for a straightforward, safe and spacious boat for use at a summer cottage. The S1 and Scc models, in turn, offer steering wheel control and protection from wind and spray behind the console.

”In the center-console Scc model it is easy and safe to walk around the boat for example when fishing. The side-console S1 provides a lot of free deck space for e.g. transporting goods”, Kurtén explains.

The hull updates can also be seen and felt inside the boat. The open area is significantly more spacious than in the previous model, and the rear seat-driven model, in particular, has enough room for cargo as well as angling or netting, for example.

The Buster S model replaces the previous XS and S models, which have for years been popular summer cottage boats thanks to their reasonable size, easy handling and versatility. Following the model update, the range will only feature one boat smaller than the S model: the three-passenger Buster Mini. The largest boat in the range is the seven-metre Buster Magnum M5 for eight passengers. 



Buster S 2017

  • Length: 4.43 m
  • Width: 1.81 m
  • Weight without engine: 260 kg (S) / 275 (S1 and Scc)
  • Number of persons: 4
  • Power range: 20–30 hp