News: The new Buster S can be converted for angling by adding on the modular fishing accessories package


The new Buster S can be converted for angling by adding on the modular fishing accessories package

Buster S 2017 med fiskeutrustning

The Buster S, the very popular boat model among leisure-time cabin dwellers, has gone through a complete revamp for the 2017 season. A fishing accessories package has now been made available for converting the new Buster S into a fishing boat according to user-specific needs. 

Buster S 2017 med fiskeutrustning

“In the Buster S together with the optional fishing accessories package, you have a boat that is truly well suited for fishing, particularly casting and vertical jigging, in sheltered inland waters,” says Jani Ollikainen, a fishing guide who participated in the development of the new accessories package. 

The Buster S’s fishing accessories package features a rod box, a casting platform with a fishing seat and a rack for the trolling motor. Furthermore, for the tiller-steered Buster S model, there is also an engine gauge panel available for mounting on the side of the rod box. 

Some of the equipment, such as the rod box, can also be acquired separately. The same accessories can be used not only with the tiller-steered version but also the side console and centre console versions of the Buster S. The equipment can also be removed when changing the use of the boat. 

Buster S 2017 kalastusvarustuksella takapenkki

A handier rod box with more space available

“The spacious new rod box is easy to use and a truly solid piece of equipment. Pike fishers, for example, most commonly use rods that are 8.5 feet long, and you can easily fit 5-6 such sets including the reels in the box. It is easy to line up the rods on the casting platform for fishing,” Ollikainen explains.

The rod box provides practical additional storage space for other gear as well, which comes in handy during the trip to the cabin and back, for example. 

Casting platform adds to comfort and provides extra space

The good-sized casting platform provides fishermen with elevated deck space to improve visibility and facilitate angling. Under the casting platform there is ample storage space for camping gear and fishing tackle to keep them out of the way during the action. The storage compartments are accessed via two large hatches positioned at the rear end of the casting platform.

The front end of the casting platform houses not only the bow box that comes as standard in the Buster S but also a separate storage compartment for boating gear such as anchors and fenders. The casting platform features a removable fishing seat.

In addition to the casting platform, there will also be ample space on the boat’s deck for anglers to move around on. 

Buster S 2017 kalastusvarustuksella, säilytystilat

The trolling motor rack, mounted slightly to the side of the boat's centre line, will leave plenty of tread area on the bow deck to facilitate access to the boat. Additionally, on the outside of the rack there is also a new mounting place for a rope cleat, so as to protect not just the rope cleat but also the trolling motor.

Light and easy to haul

The Buster S only weighs 260 kg and is easy to haul behind a car on a non-braked trailer. The boat works best with a slightly bigger powerhouse: Yamaha’s new 25-hp or 30-hp outboard engine.

“The Buster S is a great little boat for a fishing party of 2–3 people and an easy one to haul on a trailer. Small outboard engines boast small fuel consumption, and the complete package is a highly practical one. The small trolling motor is handy and easy to use when moving through reeds where pikes can be found and when manoeuvring around rocks,” Ollikainen says. 

The Buster S is available in three versions: the S that is tiller-steered on the aft seat; the S1 with a side console; and the Scc with a centre console. 

The fishing accessories package can be retrofitted to all Buster S versions of the 2017 model year.