News: The highly successful Buster XL gains more big boat features


The highly successful Buster XL gains more big boat features

The new model update grants Buster’s “smallest big boat” the Buster XL more indoor space and increased power of 130 hp. 

The basic dimensions of the Buster XL will remain as before: at six centimetres shy of six metres, the boat can comfortably transport six people. The light yet sturdy aluminium hull only weighs slightly more than 600 kilograms, which ensures that the boat is easy to handle even when moored.

Handling is also facilitated by the Buster Q smart display, which is included in the boat’s standard features. The 10-inch smart display consolidates features such as electronic charts, motor instrumentation, operating manuals, instructional videos and an internet connection, into a single easy-to-use touch screen – and the package comes with a two-year data plan.

“The purpose of the smart display is to make boating easier and safer for everyone”, says President of Buster Boats Juha Lehtola.

Better performance with less power

The Buster XL is among the most popular Buster models and has ranked very highly in tests conducted by international specialist magazines. The hull properties have been found to be good and the boat performs consistently in all conditions, so significant changes to hull geometry have been unnecessary.

“We did change the boat’s centre of gravity, however, which led to improved performance at lower engine power”, explains Anders Kurtén, Product Development Director for Buster Boats.

The new model increases the maximum engine power level from 115 to 130 hp. Thanks to the high-performance hull, the Buster XL is viable in an exceptionally wide engine power range. The lowest recommended engine power is 80 hp, but one of the higher power levels is recommended to those who often operate the boat with heavy loads.

Usability was improved by increasing the interior space. There is still plenty of storage space inside the consoles and under the rear seat. Lockable compartments for ropes are provided under the large swimming platforms.

“We designed a new canopy compartment for the boat and moved the rear sofa quite a way back. This means that passengers can enjoy a much improved sense of spaciousness in the rear section”, Kurtén says.

Trim tabs and offshore seats as standard

The update improves the Buster XL’s standard features substantially. The fittings and railings are made of stainless steel and trim tabs are included in the standard equipment. The sturdier offshore seats are of the same model used in the larger Buster XXL model.

The windscreens, which curve to the side to provide ample protection to the passenger area, are now of the same type as in the Magnum range, down to the dark frame.

The new models represents the fourth generation of models, as the first Buster XL was launched 24 years ago. The maximum power for the original XL was 90 hp. The third generation XL entered the market in 2012 and increased to boat length to almost six metres.

The range will still feature the sister model the Buster XL Pro, which is intended for demanding use. The XL Pro, too, will come as standard with a Buster Q smart display and trim tabs starting from the 2017 models.

Buster XL 2017

  • Length: 5.94 m
  • Width: 2.17 m
  • Weight: 625 kg
  • Fuel tank: 100 litres
  • Number of persons:  6
  • Power range: 80–130 hp