News: The family of large and fast Buster Magnum open boats expands with new models


The family of large and fast Buster Magnum open boats expands with new models

Buster SuperMagnum 2018

Buster Boats is revamping its classic range of large open boats, the Buster Magnum family, built since 1990. The new models for the 2018 season, the Buster Magnum and the Buster SuperMagnum, are larger and perform better than their predecessors.  

“What these boats have in common is excellent manoeuvrability, good stability even at high speeds and safe and predictable handling characteristics,” says Anders Kurtén, Director of Product Development for Buster.

The new Buster Magnum is an open boat that is 7.2 metres long and designed for eight persons. The maximum engine rating for the new Magnum is the Yamaha F225. The Magnum’s big brother, the 7.7-metre long SuperMagnum, is certified for ten persons and can reach a top speed of 57 knots when powered by the Yamaha F350 V8 engine.

The robust and impressive appearance of these seaworthy boats clearly bears resemblance to the Buster Phantom, a new 10-metre boat at the top of the model range. Buster’s practically oriented heritage can be seen in the aluminium hull and deck, dark grey consoles and stainless steel fittings.  

Both boat models come with the 16-inch Buster Q smart display as standard. The Buster Q provides the helmsman with all the necessary information, from charts and operating manuals to weather and engine data.

More than 5,000 Buster Magnum boats built so far

During its almost 30-year history, the Buster Magnum has earned its place in the Nordic countries as the most successful and most popular open boat of all time in the large boats’ size class. The new models take the Magnum family into its sixth generation, following three Magnums, the original SuperMagnum and the Magnum M5.

Altogether more than 5,000 Buster Magnums of earlier generations have been sold.   This seaworthy high-performance model is especially popular on the Atlantic coasts of Norway and Sweden where the challenges faced by boats are particularly demanding.

The new Magnums, both more than 7 metres in length, are notably larger than their older sister models. The first-generation Magnum, a good 6 metres long, was a large open boat in its time, 27 years ago, and its engine rating of 150 hp represented a robust power class among sea-going open boats.

So far the most extensive revamping of Buster Magnums was seen at the beginning of the 2000s, when the Magnum’s highest power rating was increased to 225 hp and its hull was lengthened close to seven metres. The next step was the 2013 launch of the SuperMagnum, the first Buster boat designed to be powered by the Yamaha F300 outboard.

The new Buster Magnum

The fourth-generation Buster Magnum is clearly larger than its predecessor: Hull length has been increased by 30 cm and inside width by 20 cm. With its modern and sleek design, the newcomer strongly resembles its bigger sister model, the Phantom.

“The new Magnum has the feel of a large boat, and its handling characteristics are clearly better than before thanks to the new hull design and the relocation of the centre of gravity further back. The more pointed form of the hull and the three pairs of aggressively shaped lifting strakes add to the performance, making the boat really fun to drive,” Anders Kurtén says.

The lowest engine rating has been increased to the next level, 175 hp. The Magnum's largest engine choice is the 225-hp Yamaha V6, able to generate a top speed of 47 knots. Fuel tank capacity has been almost doubled to 300 litres to substantially extend the range of the boat per a full tank of fuel.

Thanks to the economical hull shape and the lifting strakes, the boat performs at the same level as its predecessor with the same engine power, although it is longer and also slightly heavier. The maximum number of persons is eight, just as before.

The new Buster SuperMagnum

The new SuperMagnum replaces two models in the range: its predecessor from 2013 and also the Magnum M5. The boat size is notably bigger than before, with a hull that is a good 50 cm longer and the waterline 30 cm wider. With the U-shaped seat that comes as standard, the boat seats 10 persons.

“The SuperMagnum is a worthy successor to both of its preceding models. While we have paid a lot of attention to performance, we have managed to avoid compromising on basic safety and predictable handling characteristics,” Kurtén says.  

The SuperMagnum's largest engine choice is Yamaha’s most powerful V8 engine, the 5.3-litre F350, that generates a top speed of 57 knots. The power range is extensive, from 250 hp up. The vast fuel tank with a capacity of 400 litres guarantees a long range. 

The choice of engine clearly affects the nature of the boat. With lower engine ratings, up to the 300-hp V6 model, the SuperMagnum is a great fit for everyday boating, and despite its larger-than-before dimensions, fuel consumption remains at the level of its predecessors. However, with the largest engine rating – the V8 Yamaha F350 – an experienced helmsman can make the boat go fast even in challenging circumstances.



The new 2018 Magnum

The new 2018 SuperMagnum


7.20 m

7.70 m


2.50 m

2.50 m


1,195 kg

1,395 kg


0.54 m

0.54 m

V angle



Seating capacity



Power range

175–225 hp

250-350 hp

Shaft length



Fuel tank, volume

300 L

400 L

Top speed

47 kts

57 kts