News: The Buster Q smart display now with Raymarine Fishfinder for exceptional underwater vision


The Buster Q smart display now with Raymarine Fishfinder for exceptional underwater vision

Buster Q Raymarine Fishfinder Sonar

A new product for the 2017 season, the Buster Q smart display is now complemented with CHIRP sonar, a solution for bottom structure imaging providing exceptional underwater vision, designed particularly for fishermen. The new Buster Q Fishfinder, created in collaboration with Raymarine, displays photo-like imagery of the bottom structure and the target fish. It serves active fishermen as well as leisure boaters interested in fishing or studying what’s below the boat.​

The Buster Q smart display comes as standard in all Buster models starting from the Buster M, an aluminium boat for five people. Fishfinder is available right from the launch as an optional accessory for all boats equipped with the Buster Q.

Also still available is the conventional Buster Q Sonar that offers real-time depth information and generates a graphic chart of bottom depth variations onto the smart display.

The new Buster Q Fishfinder combines the new Buster Q smart display and Raymarine's premium CP100 sonar module. Fishfinder can be used both in full display mode and on the Buster Q’s split screen with a chart on display at all times as well.

The Buster Q Fishfinder harnesses dual-channel CHIRP transducers. The transducer’s conical beam provides imagery of the target fish, and the ultra-wide fan-shaped CHIRP DownVision beam generates photo-like sonar images of the bottom. Exceptional image quality is enabled by CHIRP technology that transmits across a wide spectrum of sonar frequencies with each pulse, compared with conventional imaging sonars transmitting just a single frequency per pulse.

The Buster Q Fishfinder provides imagery of the bottom structure and the fish down to a depth of 270 metres.

The Buster Q Fishfinder package includes a Raymarine CP100 DownVision sonar module and a CPT100 transom mount transducer.