News: Buster boats now have durable composite floors


Buster boats now have durable composite floors

Buster composite flooring

Buster replaces plywood with composite as flooring material. For the 2018 model year, the floors of Buster aluminium boats are made of either wear-resistant and moisture-resistant composite boards or anti-slip aluminium.

“The primary reason for the material replacement is the feedback we have received from our customers. Buster boats are acquired for heavy use, often for commuting or fishing. In such uses, composite is easier to maintain than conventional plywood,” says Anders Kurtén, Director of Product Development.

Composite floorboards look very similar to plywood with wire mesh pattern, the traditional flooring material used in Buster boats. The applicability of composite was first put to test on the Buster S. In this model, both the casting platforms of the fishing accessories package (available as an option) and the floorboards are now made of composite material.

For the 2017 season, composite was also used in the largest Buster models, from the 6-metre-long Buster XL up. In the 2018 model year, a composite floor can also be found on the highly popular Buster models M, L and X.

Aluminium will continue to be used for flooring on larger Buster models, including the new Magnum and the SuperMagnum, as well as on the XL Pro. From the 2018 season onwards, an aluminium floor is also available as an option for the Buster Lx and Buster XL which come standard with a composite floor.

“Aluminium floors will not be available for smaller boats because composite is stiff and durable but weighs significantly less,” says Kurtén.

For over 30 years, Buster has used weatherproof 12 mm spruce plywood for the floors of its aluminium boats. Plywood floorboards have a wire mesh patterned anti-slip surface. Cut-to-size plywood floorboards with water-resistant edges are available at retailers, starting from the popular models of the 1980s, the Buster RS and the Sun Buster.