Ownership: Maintenance and storage of the canopy and cushions

Maintenance and storage of the canopy and cushions

Maintenance and care

Maintenance and cleaning of cushions

Cushion materials are designed for marine use and have UV-protected surfaces. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV light will eventually fade the colours and shorten the service life of the cushions. Long-term storage of cushions in direct sunlight is not recommended.

Do not store cushions where they are exposed to constant humidity, and do not let them become saturated with water in the boat. Even though the foam inside the cushions is protected with plastic wrap, fungal growth may occur on the inner surface of the foam or artificial leather.

Wipe cushions with a damp or moist cloth moistened with neutral washing liquid. Drying the wet surfaces afterwards is recommended. Stains can be removed using an undiluted neutral (pH 6-8) detergent. General purpose detergents, dishwashing liquid or special purpose detergents for marine cushions and upholstery may be used. 

Do not use solvents, petrol, abrasive cleaning equipment or scouring agents, or strong alkaline or acidic cleaning agents. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Detergents should be tried first on a non-visible surface of the cushion.

Clean your boat’s cushions and mattresses after the boating season and store them in a dry place. Do not leave cushions in the boat over winter unless the boat is stored in a heated space.

Maintenance and cleaning of the boat’s canopy

Your boat’s canopy should be washed regularly in order to extend its service life and make it easier to keep clean. Bird droppings and sweat and grease from hands can easily dirty the canopy, so it should also be washed in summertime if necessary. 

The easiest way to remove loose dirt from the canopyp is to use a soft brush. Dry bird droppings can also be removed easily with a brush.

Use lukewarm water to rinse the canopy; if the water is too hot, it can cause the canopy to shrink. For more comprehensive cleaning, use fresh water and a mild cleaning agent. Do not use solvents, and always wash the canopy by hand.

Ensure sufficient ventilation and airing during the boating season. Dirt, moisture and poor ventilation can cause fungal growth on the canopy.

Before the start of the boating season, the press studs and zips on the canopy can be lubricated with a silicon-based oil to prevent them from sticking.

Always wash the canopy before winter storage using fresh water and allow it to dry thoroughly. Store the canopy in a warm and dry place, never in the boat. Never use the boat’s canopy for winter storage protection.

The stitching and windows are subject to wear in older canopies. If the fabric is still strong and not broken, the canopy can be refurbished. Please contact the manufacturer of the canopy for more information. New canopies can be ordered from your Buster dealer. 

Before transporting your boat on a trailer, remove the canopy first or fasten it securely.