News: The third edition of the most popular motorboat in the Nordic


The third edition of the most popular motorboat in the Nordic

Buster is updating its long-term hit model, the five-metre Buster L. The new boat, which will enter the market for the 2016 season, will be presented to the public at the on-water boat shows to be held during the autumn in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Since the model has topped sales charts for years, Buster have invested a great deal in its development. The Buster L’s seaworthiness, versatility, functionality and storage space have all been improved even further. 

The launch of the updated Buster L is a major event since the model, which has been in production for over two decades, has become a true everyman’s boat in the Nordic countries. The last time the five-metre boat went through a full update was at the turn of the millennium.

This time, the focus has been on developing the boat’s seaworthiness and driving properties in rough conditions. The features of the new hull also include faster planing, particularly under load.

The basic dimensions of the Buster L remain the same: the five-metre, six-passenger boat can be fitted with a 30–50 hp engine. The Buster L can be transported on a brakeless trailer towed by a normal passenger car, which is very important for many boat owners. The fuel tank is an easily transportable separate tank. 

Buster L1 kalastusvene

The boat will continue to be available in two separate models. The Buster L1 model, which only features the driver’s console, boasts plenty of space for cargo and supplies – in The Buster L2 model with two consoles, the windscreens and canvas can shield three people. Both models now come with an integrated compartment with a hatch, which in the one-console L model is available for storing rods and other long equipment.

The new detachable rear seat assembly facilitates fishing, for example: if the seat is left out, the aft corners are freed up for other activities. The possibility to detach the seats is also a benefit when the boat is used for transporting goods or equipment.

The console design takes into account the need for embedding larger plotters and ensures a good driving position both seated and standing up. The driver has more space than before and the windscreens extend farther to the sides of the boat, providing excellent protection from wind and spray. The entirely new bow with steps provides additional storage space and facilitates boarding and loading the boat.

Buster Lx with a bit more size

Moottorivene Buster Lx

The L family also includes the Buster Lx, which has been updated with features reminiscent of larger boats. The benefits of the Lx model, which is 45 kg heavier than its smaller counterpart, include a fixed 53 litre fuel tank along with separate seats for the driver and navigator, which means that three passengers can be seated on the rear seat behind the windscreens. In other words, the canvas cover can shelter up to five people from rain.

The Buster Lx is the smallest model in the range with separate driver’s seats. It requires a trailer with brakes for road transport. Still, in recent years the boat has been the most popular variant in the L range according to Finnish registration statistics.

The power range of the Lx is one step higher than the L models, which means that the highest allowed engine power is 60 hp. 


Buster L 2016                                      Buster Lx 2016

Lenght: 5,15 m                                      Lenght: 5,15 m
Width: 1,99 m                                        Width: 1,99 m
Weight: 355 kg/395 kg (L1/L2)              Weight: 440 kg
Number of persons: 6                           Number of persons: 6
Power range: 30-50 hv                         Power range: 40-60 hv