News: Stylish newcomer in the popular Magnum series: Buster Magnum E


Stylish newcomer in the popular Magnum series: Buster Magnum E

Buster is once again expanding its popular Magnum range of large cruisers with a new boat, the Buster Magnum E, which features eye-catching design and a fibreglass deck. The new boat will be presented to the public at the on-water boat shows to be held during the autumn in Sweden, Finland and Norway. In the design of the Buster Magnum E, special attention was paid to the passenger area and mobility on board. The passenger area is extremely spacious and sheltered. The boat is easy to board via the wide aft deck and the door between the backrests.

A safe route on board also runs through the bow which features convenient steps. In addition to this, the door between the consoles has been redesigned; you can open and close the upper and lower sections of the door with a single movement of your hand. A fast self-draining mechanism increases the safety of the boat.

Buster Magnum E aluminium powerboat

A cubic metre of storage space

As is customary of Buster, the boat is brimming with practical solutions. A total of 1,000 litres of storage space is available, which is double the capacity of a large off-road car. The majority of the space is located in the storage compartment under the floor of the open space, the consoles and under the rear seat.

The Magnum E model utilises the tried and tested Buster Cabin hull. Thanks to the deep V angle of the stern, hydrodynamic bow and low centre of gravity, the hull’s driving properties and performance in choppy waters are excellent and the boat can take turns very smoothly. The moderate total weight and highly favourable longitudinal centre of gravity also bring out the sporty features of the hull. Yet the boat remains stable when moored and provides a smooth ride. The hull features efficient damping, which ensures that the noise level during driving stays comfortably low.

Thanks to the wide power range (150–225 hp) the boat–engine package can be customised for sporty cruising, economic transport or water sports.

The boat’s standard equipment consists of a Fusion audio system, hydraulic steering, aft canvas and water sports bracket. The available accessories include a factory-installed refrigerator, floor mats, a table for the open space, teak deck and electro-hydraulic power steering.

Aluminium boat safe route

Five Magnum versions for various purposes

In addition to Magnum E, the Buster Magnum range includes the flagship Magnum M5 (250–350 hp), the classic Buster Magnum (100–225 hp), the elegant Buster SuperMagnum (225–300 hp) and the aluminium-coated centre-console boat Magnum Pro (150–250 hp), which is particularly intended for work use. Since 1990, over 4,000 of the various Magnum versions have been produced.

“The number is significant in Nordic boat production, as more Buster Magnums have been manufactured than the entire range of many boat producers,” says Anders Kurtén, Product Development Manager of Buster Boats.

Buster Magnum E 2016

Length: 6.43 m
Width: 2.47 m
Weight: 1,050 kg
Number of persons: 8
Power range: 150–225 hp