News: Buster Boats’ new flagship model is the 31 foot Phantom


Buster Boats’ new flagship model is the 31 foot Phantom

Buster Boats is expanding its aluminium boat range to an entirely new size class. The 31 foot boat that can carry twelve passengers is the manufacturer’s largest and fastest model yet. With the largest engines, maximum speed exceeds 59 knots.

The Buster Magnum range has been a success and a trend setter in the Nordic countries: the series of large cruisers has expanded to cover five variants and almost 5,000 boats have already been built and sold. Compared to the previous flagship model, the Buster Magnum M5, the Phantom is almost 8 feet longer and boasts twice the maximum recommended engine rating.

Improved control with the twin engine installation and Yamaha Helm Master system

In contrast to other Buster models, the Phantom can be equipped with twin outboard engines. For the twin engine arrangement, the most powerful option is a combination of two 5.3-litre Yamaha V8 engines that produce 350 hp each.

According to Product Development Manager Anders Kurtén, the Nordic market has room for a large commuter with an emphasis on travel comfort, plenty of space and seaworthiness.

“The market for fast and seaworthy transport boats has been growing in recent years. Twin engine installations are fairly uncommon in Finland, but they will gain popularity due to their improved handling and safety,” Kurtén says.

The twin engine installation enables the boat to fully utilise Yamaha’s electronic Helm Master drive-by-wire system. Available as an accessory, the Helm Master system also introduces joystick control, which makes port entry a breeze as the electronics control the engine direction, power and transmission. For longer distances, the system features automatic engine synchronisation, cruise control and automatic enginer trim.

Buster Q smart display as standard

The Phantom’s standard equipment includes Buster’s own Buster Q smart display. The 16-inch infotainment system integrated into the control console includes maps, engine instruments, weather data, radio and instruction videos, among other functionalities. Other available accessories include AIS.

“The Phantom can be fitted with a 16-inch accessory display for the driver and 10-inch display for the navigator, meaning that you will have 42 inches of touch screens on board,” Kurtén describes.

The passenger area features robust X-Craft seats for the driver, navigator and three passengers. The U-shaped sofa at the back can fit another five people.

Buster Phantom deliveries to customers will begin in January 2017.