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Buster Scc

Buster reserves the right to change model, colour, trim, equipment and pricing without prior notice.


Buster Scc

The Buster S stands tall among competitors due to its modern, clean hull shape. From its predecessors, it retains its status as a versatile craft for inland lakes and coastal waters alike. The carefully designed and meticulously executed details, create a purpose-built boat for summer outings, fishing and commuting. The hull also has less of a planing threshold, especially when loaded.

Buster S is three boats on the same hull. The model is available as a traditional open version, driven from the aft seat, as a single side console version, and finally as a single center console version. The open version is well suited for someone looking for a simple, safe allrounder with lots of cargo space. If you value the protection provided by the console as well as the steering wheel, you will choose side console version S1 or center console version Scc. The center console version Scc maximizes available deck space, while S1 with a side console gives room for more passengers. Stowage is available beneath the aft seat. The model is CE certified for four persons. Buster S can also be converted to an impeccable fishing boat thanks to a complete fishing package designed just for Buster S.

Buster designs all models to be as adjustable as possible. The Buster S is no exception. Due to the different layout options, the Buster S can double as spacious commuter, picnic boat for summer outings, or pure cargo carrier. You can trail the boat on a trailer without brakes behind a regular car. The improved seagoing abilities give you an additional sense of safety if the weather deteriorates. Buster S is designed to carry on its legacy as mandatory standard equipment for the summer cottage.
  • Seating capacity

  • Max load

  • Weight (without engine)

  • Width

  • Length overall


Yamaha. Made for water.

Around the world, people who love the water choose smooth, quiet, reliable Yamaha power to help them make the most of every moment.

  • Engine power range
    20hp - 30hp

  • Engine rig length

  • Maximum speed
    24 knots

Accessories Info

  • Cable steering
  • Steering console, windshield
  • Lockable stowage 
  • Back seat
  • Bow seat
  • Swim ladder
  • Composite floor
  • Aft side railings
  • Battery compartment
  • Main switch with automatic fuses
  • Automatic bilge pump
  • Light mast, detachable
  • Power outlet 12V
  • Rainwater draining cockpit

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Buster reserves the right to change model, colour, trim, equipment and pricing without prior notice.