Buster Mini Sport

Sporty and compact

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Buster Mini Sport

Buster reserves the right to change model, colour, trim, equipment and pricing without prior notice.


Buster Mini Sport

For the 2018 season we introduce the brand new Mini Sport. This new model is a great example of how fun on the water does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Mini Sport is based on the Buster Mini hull – with a small steering console. With the higher maximum engine power rating of 10 hp, you will discover  that this is quite the small sports boat. With the new console, the Buster Mini Sport is perfectly suited for short commuting or, equally well as the first “real” powerboat for younger family members. With the 9,9hp Yamaha outboard you will easily reach maximum speeds over 20 knots.

The boat is easy and fun to maneuver. Despite its sporty nature, we have not compromised on safety – the boat is still unsinkable even when loaded. User friendliness is further improved by the patented EasyBail rainwater draining system. The optional windscreen also offers protection from rain and spray.
Considering that this is a small boat registered for three persons, the Mini Sport is actually quite roomy and has reasonable space for loading. Even with the console, the boat only weighs 115kg, and just as the original Mini it can be hauled out by two adults.

The carefree and durable aluminium hull is virtually maintenance free, and the boat can be left at the summer cottage awaiting new adventures. The optional harbor cover keeps the boat dry and clean when you leave it. Long transports are effortless and undramatic on a trailer without brakes behind a regular car.
  • Seating capacity

  • Max load

  • Weight (without engine)

  • Width

  • Length overall


Yamaha. Made for water.

Around the world, people who love the water choose smooth, quiet, reliable Yamaha power to help them make the most of every moment.

  • Engine power range
    6hp - 10hp

  • Engine rig length

  • Maximum speed
    20 knots

Accessories Info

  • Cable steering
  • Steering console
  • Back seat
  • Middle seat
  • Bow seat
  • Composite floor

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Buster reserves the right to change model, colour, trim, equipment and pricing without prior notice.