Ownership: Buster Q1 and 3G network

Buster Q1 and 3G network

The shutdown of the 3G network has already started in Finland and Sweden, and the network will be completely decommissioned by the end of 2023. In most other European countries, the network will be decommissioned by the end of 2023, and in some, such as Norway, it has already been closed.

Unfortunately, this also affects the functionality of older Q1 3G devices. 3G versions have been delivered up to boats completed in spring 2020. The version of the device can be checked from the serial number of the device. It is a 3G version if the second number is zero (s/n X0XXXXXXXX).

Effects on 3G devices

When using the 3G device in an area where there is no 3G network, it is also impossible to receive GPS signal if the SIM card is installed. This can be fixed by removing the SIM card from the device, after which the GPS will work.

This means that the device no longer has an internet connection. After this, weather information, automatic updates and Q App functionality will not work through the device's connection. However, the internet connection can be shared from a 4G or 5G phone via WiFi connection to the Q device, after which the functionalities that require an internet connection will work again.

The alternatives

As an alternative, Buster offers affordable exchange campaigns in cooperation with Q Display manufacturer. Please contact your dealer