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Buster X, the pioneer in multi-functionality: a recreational boat and freight carrier all in one.

The Buster X is a versatile boat for excursions, fishing and transporting goods and people. The boat changes along with the intended use, the number of passengers and the amount of load, with all seat/storage boxes and the rear seat easily removable. With the seats, the boat provides comfortable travel for five to seven people, and if you remove them, you get plenty of space for transporting goods. The large, clear open space makes the X an excellent choice for fishing enthusiasts.

Driving comfort is enhanced by the boat’s low planing threshold and safe, stable manoeuvrability. Passenger comfort is increased by the ample cabin and the optional convertible top that has a cover case.

Thanks to the rugged aluminium structure, you can drive the boat straight ashore if you like. Moving around and getting on board are made easier by the sturdy railings and the anti-skid patterned stepping surfaces, such as the bow deck. There is also plenty of storage space under the bow deck.

Monikäyttöinen ja muuntautuva Buster X on kestosuosikki aktiivista vapaa-aikaa arvostavalle.