Buster XXL - A stylish, spacious boat for active use



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Style and performance: the Buster XXL for safe and enjoyable times afloat

The Buster XXL offers ample and adaptable space for active times together. Thanks to its sporty performance and many equipment options, the boat lends itself to passenger transport, excursions, fishing, water sports and other hobbies in a versatile manner.

The safe, stable and spacious boat enables effortless operation and movement in any situation. The versatility of the interiors is increased by the sliding aft sofa, which can be removed as needed. This frees up more open space in the boat. Individual, removable seat/storage boxes are available as an optional accessory; this allows you to tailor the boat to your intended purpose.

The railings and cleats are made of stainless steel. The sturdy, wide swimming platforms and the fair-sized folding ladder make it easier to move around the stern. Weather adaptability is increased by the optional two-piece convertible top, which can easily be folded in a cover case.

The steering console is ergonomically designed, which is reflected in the carefully thought-out positioning of the control devices around the driver. The steering console lets you fully enjoy the boat’s great acceleration and smooth handling in the 90–150 hp engine power range.