Buster Scc – centre-console boat

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Centre-console boat

The classically shaped S model has been transformed into a slick and compact centre-console boat dubbed the Buster Scc. The Scc is the perfect all-round boat for recreation at your summer home, fishing trips and all kinds of other boating activities.

This centre-console version of the Buster S has a long, open-floor area, which is the lynchpin of the boat's amazing versatility.

The centre console is made of durable rotation-cast polyethylene, and the front side of the console has a spot for a 45-litre storage box, which also serves as a seat. The console is equipped with an integrated remote control device and cable steering, and the windscreen protector has abundant space for installing a variety of accessories. Driving ergonomics are also top of the line: the boat is easy to handle alone and when coming ashore. In addition, the console is perfectly suitable for driving the boat standing up.

The incredibly light Buster Scc weighs only 260 kilos. However, thanks to its marine-grade aluminium hull, it is extremely durable. The boat can carry four persons, and it can be equipped with a 20–30 hp engine.

It floats level even when filled with water and under full load. The sturdy railing that surrounds the boat increases safety and enables easy attachment of ,for example, fenders and rod holders.