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Buster M - A versatile family boat



The multi-talented Buster M: a console boat for hobbies and transport  

The versatile and straightforward Buster M is suitable for summer cottage trips, fishing and other recreational use. The spaciousness, fuel efficiency and reliability of the compact console boat make the M an acclaimed family boat for five people.

The M has a sheltered and ergonomic steering console that is equipped with a windscreen and has space for the instruments and compass as well as an installation slot for an integrated chart plotter. The bow has a seat/rod box and a long, free roughened surface next to the steering console. More seating and storage space can be acquired by installing an optional seat/storage box at the front of the steering console.

The M is also available as a two-console version with an optional left console next to the steering console. A door between the consoles is available, ensuring efficient wind protection. The two-console boat has two seat/storage boxes as standard.

The steady trim of the boat ensures the travel comfort of those at the front. The durable and light M runs fuel-efficiently and safely, both in water and on a trailer without brakes.