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Buster Lx - A recreational boat for the whole family


Buster LX

For family pleasure on the water: the spacious, safe and comfortable Buster Lx

The Buster Lx offers unmatched comfort in its size class, creating great boating moments for the entire family. With its deck spaces designed for spending time together, its different equipment options and engine power range up to 60 hp, this is an ideal, safe boat for recreation and excursions.

The Lx consoles feature separate seats, which create a comfortable passenger compartment together with the rear seat. The rear seat is a plastic, multipurpose seat/storage box. The high topsides of the boat provide shelter. The boat can be fitted with a convertible top, and the door between the consoles provides additional protection against wind and splashes. The convertible top and door are part of the optional CANVAS package.

Stable handling is guaranteed by the carefully finished hull, which was designed with an emphasis on carrying capacity and fuel-efficient bottom shape. Thanks to its durable marine-grade aluminium structure, the Lx can reach rocky islets and stony shores.