Buster L - A Nordic favourite



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Buster L

The most popular motorboat in the Nordic countries: the Buster L for active recreation and diverse utility

The Buster L is a long-standing favourite motorboat for excursions, fishing and summer cottage trips. The boat is spacious, fuel-efficient and versatile, and its strengths include excellent equipment and great load-carrying capacity. Year after year, the L has been the most popular motorboat in the Nordic countries. 

The L is available with one or two consoles. The one-console boat offers ample space for fishing and transporting goods. The benefits of the two-console version include better wind protection for passengers in the rear, which may be further increased with the optional door between the consoles.

Usability in various conditions is increased by the luminous convertible top as well as the easy and stable handling. By the steering console one has good visibility, carefully positioned control devices and installation slots for a compass and a chart plotter. The railing and the anti-skid patterned stepping surfaces make it easy to get on and off the boat.

The boat has seating for six people and features plenty of free interior space. The front section can be equipped with a large optional side seat that also serves as a storage compartment. Durable and light, the boat can be easily transported even on a standard trailer without brakes.


Monikäyttöinen, yksi- tai kaksipulpettinen Buster L on moottoriveneiden kestosuosikki retkeilyyn, kalastukseen ja mökille.